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You have an idea for bringing digital solutions into your library.
You’re ready to turn your vision into a well designed learning experience.
You want to make your job of collection development as easy as possible. 

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Abrams and Son Books has represented book ​publishers in eastern Pennsylvania and in Delaware since 1991. As direct library representatives, Abrams and Son Books offers FREE shipping,

FREE library processing and a variety of specials.


Abrams and Son Books’ goal is to make your job of collection development as easy as possible. We specialize in implementing school and public library digital solutions.

Advantages of Working with 

Abrams and Son Books

  • FREE shipping

  • FREE shelf-ready library processing

  • Money-saving special offers

  • All eBook solutions support unlimited simultaneous access

    • Never tell a student that a book is “checked out” ever again

    • Accessible through your existing catalog without being prompted to login

    • No “check in/check out” process or “shelf” to deal with

    • Upload and Go -- No software to install or IT support necessary

  • Guaranteed library binding

  • Opportunity to see the books before purchasing

  • 100% order fulfillment

  • Clean, easy-to-read quotes provided via email for use in your PO process (if necessary)

  • Accelerated reader, summer reading, new library/opening day collection

  • Free Collection Analysis and Development services available


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